How to Get Medical Insurance for a Schengen Visa

How to Get Medical Insurance for a Schengen Visa

When applying for a Schengen visa, proof of medical insurance that covers emergency treatment and repatriation must be provided. Travel agents or independent insurers typically offer such policies.

How to Acquire Medical Cover for a Schengen Visa

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Steps to Acquiring Medical Insurance for Your Schengen Visa

The first step in acquiring medical coverage for a Schengen visa application should be checking requirements with any consulate involved, be that Germany or elsewhere in Europe.

Schengen visa applicants are generally required to provide medical coverage of EUR30,000 per person within their group, though individual policies can differ and thus coverage will depend on each specific plan.

How Does It Work? Once you have insurance that satisfies the required criteria, simply print off a certificate of proof to submit with your visa application. In addition, some travel agencies offer complimentary coverage plans when purchasing tours through them.

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