How to Get New Driving License For a Foreigner

how to get new driving license

How to Get New Driving License For a Foreigner

There are various methods for obtaining a new driving license in the US. But how can you select the one most suited to you? This article can assist in making this important decision by providing information regarding basic US driving laws as they apply to foreigners driving here, and the steps necessary for them to obtain one in their home country. It will also teach them what steps must be taken in order to obtain one.

First step should be ensuring that your foreign driving license is valid; most countries have systems in place to verify its legitimacy. If yours doesn’t pass muster, an International Driving Permit (IDP) should be obtained through AAA; there may be other organizations offering IDP’s but US State Department recommends only AAA as provider.

Once you have a valid IDP, the next step can begin. The New York DMV requires that you take and pass both written and vision tests; upon passing them successfully, a probationary driving license for one year with some driving restrictions until you take and upgrade your license on a road test.

At all times during your trip abroad, it will be necessary for you to drive with a licensed driver at all times. Should any traffic tickets be issued against your foreign license and fines assessed accordingly; so it is vitally important that you abide by all road rules and do not break any laws.