How to Get Passport Appointment Urgently

How to Get Passport Appointment Urgently

Passport issues can be difficult for migrants, but in particular when leaving your own country to build life elsewhere. Migrants do not typically leave simply for reasons of safety – rather, many do it because they wish to build lives elsewhere.

Reasons why migrants may decide to migrate are often complex and difficult for governments to fully comprehend or interpret. Potential motives could range from fleeing poverty, violence or other problems in their home country; to seeking education opportunities overseas; or joining relatives or friends already living elsewhere.

Some migrants may face persecution due to their religious or political views or sexual orientation, while others feel forced to flee their home countries due to poverty, violence or other risks. Unfortunately, for many migrants the experience of being refugees, asylum seekers or migrants does not reflect their true identities as people.

If you need your passport urgently, be aware that the State Department’s processing time for routine renewal applications (whether first-time or renewal) typically takes six to nine weeks – therefore applying online or at a passport agency would be your best bet.

Be sure to call national passport agencies early – at least 14 days prior to international travel and 28 days if requiring a visa – in order to arrange appointments at their offices. When attending, evidence of your itinerary should be brought along with you for verification purposes.