How to Get Passport ID Card

How to Get Passport ID Card

US citizens can now obtain a passport card instead of a full-fledged book passport for travel within the US, Canada, Mexico and some Caribbean nations via car, bus, train, ferry yacht or foot. Passport cards are available to adults who have last received their last passport more than five years ago and can be used for land or sea travel within these destinations via car, bus, train, ferry yacht or foot travel.

A passport card is an economical alternative to full passport books and was specifically created for U.S. citizens living near borders who travel frequently between their home country and the U.S.

Acquiring a passport card can be accomplished easily by gathering the necessary documents and getting a two-inch by two-inch photo taken, available at various big box stores, pharmacies, AAA offices, or photo studios.

Make sure your date of birth on the passport matches with that on the birth certificate and national ID card. Otherwise, if this does not happen on time for an interview, we may ask you to come back another day with new documentation or have it changed before accepting it at our interview center.

If you wear a head covering for religious or medical reasons, a signed statement from both yourself and your physician is necessary.

Applying for a passport is simple and quick, although its turnaround time may depend on demand. If time is pressing, use first class mail or other fast shipping methods to expedite its arrival sooner.