How To Get Visa For Schengen Countries

how to get visa for schengen countries

How To Get Visa For Schengen Countries

How To Obtain Visa For Schengen Countries: Applying for a Schengen visa can often be challenging for foreigners. The application process can take time, with high rejection rates. This is partly due to embassies being overwhelmed with applicants – thus necessitating detailed review of each application as they must assess every person individually before making their decisions. Furthermore, embassies need more information on each person’s background and purpose of visit if they wish to make the appropriate judgment call on each case submitted for their consideration before taking their decision on an applicant who applies.

Migrants must also present evidence that they can afford their trip. The amount may differ depending on where they’re traveling to; additionally, round-trip flight tickets and hotel reservations must also be submitted along with any necessary additional documents requested by an embassy.

As far as length of stay goes, an applicant should keep in mind that they may only stay for 90 days in any rolling 180-day period. To determine this number of travel days available to them it is advised to start from their date of departure from Schengen area and count backwards 180 days – the remaining travel days should then be used on their trip.

Note that applicants should always apply at an Embassy/Consulate/Visa Application Centre (VAC) which has territorial competence over their home country, such as can be found by clicking “List of Consular Presence and Representation.” This information can be found by searching on the European Commission’s “Where and How to Apply” website.