How to Identify a Fake Usa Passport

How to Identify a Fake Usa Passport

Every year, thousands of individuals attempt to obtain fake US passports in order to smuggle aliens into the country illegally, avoid prosecution or traffic drugs while conducting terrorist operations or commit other forms of crime.

Passport fraud is a serious federal offense and is prosecuted by the U.S. Department of State’s law enforcement arm, Diplomatic Security Service (DSS).

The DSS uses special agents who collaborate with federal and international law enforcement agencies across over 160 countries to investigate passport and visa fraud. This article provides an overview of its laws and penalties as well as why and how such fraud occurs and what you should do if caught.

How to Recognize a Fake United States Passport

To identify a fake U.S. passport, take a close look. Often these counterfeit documents have different colors or shapes than real passports with small or blurry text that does not contain an authenticity stamp and has no expiration date printed on it.

How to Recognize an Altered Passport

A fraudulent passport can be altered by someone unauthorizaed – known as a cobbler – who makes changes that make the document appear genuine, but aren’t.

How to Recognize a Legitimate Passport A legitimate passport should contain all of its information printed clearly on it and feature an authenticity stamp in black ink that cannot be altered in any way, without appearing smudged or altered in any way.

How to Recognize a Passport Issued Under False Identity

Fraudulent passports may be issued using falsified identity documents such as birth certificates. Since birth certificates do not adhere to national standards in the U.S., such passports can be difficult to detect.