How to Make a Fake Driver License Online

How to Make a Fake Driver License Online

If you are new to a country, and have recently relocated there, creating a fake driver license online may be your goal. A fake license could get you into government facilities or banks in an emergency and help secure employment should any arise.

There are many websites offering free templates for making fake IDs; alternatively, there are those which charge fees to create driving license designs.

PICturando Its This website gives you more than just the ability to design a fake driving license; it can also generate other documents for fun. To create one, open this website and scroll down to “Fake Documents,” where “Driver License” should be the first option on the page.

Choose a template that best meets your needs, enter your information, attach a photo and choose which state to receive your ID in.

Hologram overlays and UV features available through this site make a fake driver’s license look almost identical to the real thing.

However, you should be aware that using fake ID is illegal and may result in fines or jail time if discovered by law enforcement officials. They may seize it and bring charges against you directly – thus it would be wiser not to attempt this yourself.