How to Obtain a Provisional Driving License

How to Obtain a Provisional Driving License

Foreigners holding valid driving licenses from their home countries can apply for and obtain a provisional driving permit in China. It is advisable to keep both your travel document (typically passport), provisional driving permit and its Chinese translation in your possession at all times while driving as they will all need to be presented when stopped by traffic police.

After passing both written and road tests administered by the Department of Motor Vehicles, this temporary driving license allows you to practice driving provided it is accompanied by a supervising driver over 25 with valid state license.

To obtain a limited purpose driver’s license in Hawaii, applicants must present proof of legal name, date of birth and primary address within its borders. They also need to complete a pre-licensing course either in person or online through several high schools, colleges or driving schools.

Permits are valid for one year and may only be renewed once their expiration date has passed. In that timeframe you must remain accident and point free, accumulate at least 12 hours of driving experience–6 of them should take place during night driving hours–and have them signed off by a supervisor.

There are also additional requirements, including passing a health check and being resident for six months prior to applying. Judges have the discretionary power to grant or deny this privilege; so it’s vital that you meet all criteria and present all appropriate documentation in support of your request.