How to Obtain an Italian Passport

how to obtain an italian passport

How to Obtain an Italian Passport

If you are an international applicant seeking an Italian passport, there are various paths available to them:

Citizenship by Ancestry

Citizenship by Ancestry allows migrants to legally gain citizenship of Italy through either paternal or maternal ancestors. It is open to any world citizen with certified copies of official documents attesting to their origin in Italy; and no ancestor renounced original citizenship during that ten year period, either before moving there legally or during application processing.

Citizenship by Marriage If your partner is an Italian national, applying for citizenship through marriage may be easier for EU nationals than it would be otherwise. To qualify as an EU national and meet other criteria such as having no criminal records may also help.

Once you have all of the required documents in hand, it is time to make an appointment with a consulate or embassy. Bring along your driver’s license, passport photo and any identification cards; legal documents to prove identity and residency such as marriage certificate/birth certificates for both you and your spouse as these may need to be translated and notarized before proceeding further with application processing. Although translation may take time and money – any mistakes in translation could delay its processing further!