How to Obtain Real ID in Pennsylvania

how to obtain real id in pa

How to Obtain Real ID in Pennsylvania

As a migrant, you may view the federal government’s effort to implement REAL ID as an additional burden; but that shouldn’t stop you from complying.

By 2025, passengers on domestic flights and entering certain federal buildings and military bases will need a REAL ID or other form of federal identification to board flights and enter certain government structures and bases. But how can Pennsylvanians obtain one of these forms of ID?

In order to apply for a REAL ID, it will be necessary for you to submit original and comprehensive documentation, such as:

Proof of Name/Naming Process – Original or certified copy of birth certificate filed with state office of vital records/statistics with raised seal/embossed, valid U.S. passport card or valid U.S. passport are acceptable forms of proof for your name; proof of legal name change (if applicable) – This could include either certified marriage certificate issued from court order issued by your county’s family court; two forms of current physical address proof such as standard-issue PA driver’s license/ID card/vehicle registration/utility bill

If you obtained your first PA driver’s license, learner permit or photo ID card after September 2003, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation may already have all your required documentation on file. If unsure, online REAL ID pre-verification can help confirm if all required paperwork exists on file; once verified you’ll be able to order and receive it by mail within 15 days; alternatively you can visit one of their driver license centers to have it reviewed immediately and obtain your new ID card.