How to Obtain Real ID in SC

how to obtain real id in sc

How to Obtain Real ID in SC

If you fly domestically and visit federal facilities occasionally, chances are good that your SC license or ID card doesn’t comply with Real ID requirements set by Congress and Homeland Security. Beginning May 2023 however, REAL ID or passports will be needed in order to enter secure federal buildings or airports.

To obtain your Real ID, you will require proof of identity including both your name and social security number (such as a birth certificate or passport); two proofs of current address; legal documentation regarding recent name changes. The SCDMV already has all this information on file if you received your first SC beginner’s permit, driver’s license or ID card since November 2010.

Good news – the SCDMV is making upgrading easy! They have teamed up with local organizations and businesses to host mobile events around the state – like this week’s at Columbia State Museum – as well as offering customers the ability to purchase Real ID online from the comfort of their own homes.

People eligible to purchase Real ID online through the SCDMV will receive notice in the mail from them. Once approved, this process works similarly to renewing a license online; once your new Real ID arrives in 10 business days. Unfortunately this option is not available to commercial drivers, international customers, or those seeking hazmat endorsement.