How to Obtain UK Driving Licence For Migrants

Obtain UK Driving Licence

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An individual seeking independence on their own can benefit from obtaining a UK driving license, whether that means commuting to work, Obtain UK Driving Licence traveling on holiday or grocery shopping alone. But for migrants not familiar with British testing procedures it may prove more challenging.

The British driving test can be very different from tests in other countries; it requires much patience and practice to pass. Furthermore, its road system differs greatly. Before beginning your driving lessons with any instructor approved by DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency), make sure they’re the right instructor for you.

After passing your driving test successfully, you will receive your British driving license. This allows you to drive vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes in weight with eight passenger seats or larger. Remember that foreign license holders only have 12 months from when their licence was issued before exchanging it for British licence.

Your driving licence can also serve as proof of identity in non-driving contexts, such as opening a bank account or purchasing age-restricted goods like alcohol and tobacco. A photo driver’s licence lasts 10 years and provides details such as your full name, nationality, date of birth and address.

The new style photocard driving licence records any convictions and penalties you incur, but does not reveal details about your gender or any medical conditions that could impede safe driving. Each driver record contains an eight digit unique number linked to their photocard driving licenses in fields 1, 2 and 3. These details display your surname, first name and date of birth respectively.