How to Spot a Fake ID Credit Card

fake id credit card

How to Spot a Fake ID Credit Card

As a foreigner attempting to obtain a credit card in the US can be extremely challenging, due to government restrictions allowing only those with valid identification cards (ID cards) to open bank accounts and obtain loans. Therefore, for people unable or unwilling to provide their Social Security numbers using fake identification may seem like a tempting alternative, yet doing so could have serious repercussions.

Fake IDs have become more sophisticated and difficult to spot. While they often appear legitimate from the front, these fraudulent cards won’t scan at card readers when swiped across them.

As part of your efforts to prevent fraud, always compare the person in front of you with their ID card picture. Check for bumpy surfaces and glue lines which could indicate tampering; feel for uneven surfaces as well as information which has been cut-out or pasted over, particularly around their photo and date of birth.

Ask the customer questions about their personal details. If they hesitate or get nervous when answering these queries, that could be a telltale sign they’re lying. Ask what month of birth it was; if they respond with only numbers instead of names – that may indicate fake ID use. Also ask about other forms of ID like driver’s licenses etc if possible; document all incidents immediately and turn them over to local law enforcement and your ABC special agent as soon as possible.