How to Spot a Fake ID

make your own fake id card

How to Spot a Fake ID

Acquiring or possessing fake ID can be a serious blow, particularly if it involves criminal charges. A conviction could affect everything from job applications and college applications to joining the military; therefore it’s vital that fake ID cases don’t happen at all! Aron Law Firm in Santa Barbara provides expert criminal defense attorneys that specialize in this area who can help build a solid defense strategy should someone accuse them of possessing one.

How to Recognize Fake ID

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office keeps a wall full of fake ID cards, passports and social security numbers presented by people seeking to avoid arrest or secure state benefits. Many of these documents contain names or numbers belonging to noncitizens who have managed to make money picking fruit, maiding offices or cleaning them instead – but the real victims are innocent people whose identities were stolen in this process.

Whenever you suspect someone of being falsely represented as another individual, ask questions regarding their date and name of birth, then compare these answers with what’s written on their ID card. Look out for discrepancies including spelling errors or different font sizes as well as laser engraved tactile signatures that seem too small or dark for reality.

If you’re serious about creating a fake ID, use a form-fillable template tailored to the style of ID issued in your jurisdiction and invest in matte heavy cardstock weighing between 100-130 lb; avoid shiny paper as this increases the risk of getting busted by law enforcement officials. When taking photos for your ID don’t use a phone camera because its resolution won’t meet real world standards.