How to Spot a Fake Military ID Card Template

How to Spot a Fake Military ID Card Template

Fake military ID cards are often employed by scam artists in an attempt to take money from others. Swindlers will use photos of someone they know in service as proof that they need money – perhaps an old acquaintance from service who’s now serving overseas – in order to convince potential victims they need the cash from others.

Types of Military IDs

The Common Access Card (CAC), issued to active-duty troops, Department of Defense civilians and contractors is one of the most prevalent forms of ID in use today. This card, about the size and thickness of a credit card, provides access to secure networks, systems, documents and affiliations.

Other military IDs include DEERS, the DoD ID card and retiree and dependent ID cards – these appear similar to a CAC but use different coding schemes and include specific information.

How to Recognize Military Id Scams

When someone presents you with a military ID, be wary. Keep your eye open for signs that this person is not currently serving, or hasn’t served for a significant period of time. Simply asking about their name may help identify whether this ID is real.

Assume a False ID An impostor military id template could include a sketchy photo that does not match up with what the cardholder actually looks like, and have them frontal against a plain white background. If there are objects or other people visible in the background then you know this person does not belong in the military and likely uses Photoshopped photos from someone else as they will most likely not exist at all in real life.