How to Spot a Fake Military ID Card

How to Spot a Fake Military ID Card

Dependent upon your branch of service, rank, and status as either active duty soldier or retired veteran, various military ID cards may be issued to you as proof of your affiliation for various uses, including discounts and veterans benefits.

How to Recognize a Fake Military ID Card People often fake military IDs so as to take advantage of special military discounts at retail stores and restaurants that only apply when showing an ID at checkout. One common way of spotting fake military IDs is when showing your military ID at the register – which often requires that all customers present themselves for authentication at this stage of payment.

Criminals sometimes use fake military ID cards to defraud civilians for money – known as catfishing. This method usually occurs through dating websites, with people creating profiles featuring images of military IDs as proof.

How Can Bouncers Spot Fake IDs? When customers arrive at the check-out desk, bouncers are trained to look out for signs that indicate fake IDs such as questions and answers, body language and how someone responds or offers explanations to a question posed to them.

Bouncers are trained to identify any discrepancies in information such as pay grade and rank that might exist between military personnel and those pretending to join, often misstating these on their fake IDs.