How to Spot a Fake Passport Photo Page

fake passport photo page

How to Spot a Fake Passport Photo Page

Criminals in the black market offer easy services for creating counterfeit passport photo pages for foreigners. For a small fee, they alter documents or selfies and use Photoshop templates to replicate the exact appearance of real passport pages; then sell these documents to people needing proof of identity when buying cars or using credit cards.

Underage individuals looking for alcohol, and business owners requiring right-to-work checks. Unfortunately, doing this illegally could lead to either a PS5,000 fine or 10 years behind bars.

New security features have been implemented, including microprinting, holograms, UV visible imaging and watermarks. Furthermore, the hinge connecting the booklet to its data page is difficult to break without damaging both components.

Genuine passports feature digitally printed photos with holographic overlay, along with the holder’s signature, nine digit number on the first page and perforated serial numbers throughout. There must be at least 34 pages in an adult passport.

Additional methods of detection may include touching it to feel for raised images or scanning it.