How to Spot a Fake US ID Card

Fake US ID Card

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Migrants may find it challenging to determine which form of identification is valid to travel with. Fake US ID Card Undocumented travelers unsure which IDs are acceptable often turn to counterfeit IDs. While this might not constitute as serious of an offense as for legal residents, using fake IDs does carry risks that could land you behind bars if caught.

If a friend or family member possesses a fake US ID card, make sure to carefully examine it. Run your fingers over both the front and back sides to feel for bumps, ridges, irregularities or physical changes such as glue lines; look out for signs of overlays or glue lines; and check spelling mistakes or variations in font size that could indicate computer-generated errors.

Additionally, it is vital that you read the back of an ID and ensure it contains a clear photo which allows for you to clearly see their face in a portrait positioned against a plain white background. Real military IDs will feature this feature; note their pay grade and rank; fakes usually list only “0F9”. Finally, ask about their military background so you can ascertain whether they are telling the truth; any signs of lying will become evident through body language changes.