How to Spot a Fake Veterans ID Card

fake veterans id card

How to Spot a Fake Veterans ID Card

If someone presents you with an ID from an untrusted veteran and claims they sent it directly, be wary. Real soldiers don’t typically leave their ID where it can be easily seen by anyone; if it goes missing, they report it immediately.

Military Identification Cards provide proof of service that permits their holders to gain access to on-post services and facilities as well as federal benefits and programs. Carrying one is highly advised, as its sensitive data needs to remain secure at all times. You should check it regularly and report any lost or stolen cards immediately.

To identify a fake ID, take note of any ridges or bumps on either side, feel for any changes, and pay special attention to signature and date of birth inscriptions (real military IDs feature tactile, laser-engraved signatures with clear dates of birth that can easily be read) as well as typographical errors or spelling misstatements in fake cards.

DoD ID cards are issued to current active duty personnel, retirees and their family members who serve or retired from military service, including spouses or dependents of active personnel and retirees who wish to show their military affiliation without sharing discharge papers or taking time-consuming pictures for veteran ID cards. Each DoD ID card contains your name, color photo, date of issue, service branch/agency affiliation (spouses or dependents will have “Relationship”) affiliation (spouses or dependents will have “Relationship”) information that includes your name color photo color photo as well as date of issue information such as service branch/agency affiliation (with service branch/agency name), branch/agency affiliation (with spouses/dependencies etc) plus affiliation (or relationships/dependencies instead). It provides a simple way to show your military membership without sharing discharge papers or taking time consuming photos for veteran id cards or taking veteran id cards).