How to Spot Fake IDs

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How to Spot Fake IDs

The global fake ID industry is now worth billions, providing fraudulent credentials used in everything from cyber fraud and identity theft, human trafficking, child labor and terrorism. Unfortunately, sophisticated counterfeiting technology makes law enforcement efforts much harder; therefore this article offers tips for detecting fake IDs by using both automated detection techniques as well as manual detection methods.

Luckily, she possesses a valid Canadian passport which she uses to validate her age; but proving this is sometimes difficult and she cautions people when ordering beverages as you never know how a place will respond.

Some bars and clubs have stringent policies concerning who can access alcohol, while others take a more relaxed approach

Use of fake ID is illegal and may lead to fines, jail time or deportation. Penalties for this offense vary by state and may range from $500 misdemeanor fines up to being considered a felony forgery/impersonation offense that could land you up to one and half years behind bars.

Front-forged IDs are among the most prevalent fakes, appearing genuine from all sides and featuring barcodes that display accurate information when scanned. To verify its authenticity, compare the photograph on the document with that of the person holding it and question any discrepancies. Furthermore, look out for signs of cheap laminate and laser perforation (bend it the wrong way and you might notice tiny holes that form images on it).