Is a Passport Card a Real ID?

is a passport card a real id

Is a Passport Card a Real ID?

As an immigrant, getting your passport can be an expensive and time-consuming process that may also require meeting specific criteria; otherwise it will be rejected. There are ways around these issues though and one option could be getting a passport card instead of full book; but is this actually real identification? We’ll explore that later.

Passport cards are a cheaper and more portable alternative to the traditional U.S. passport book, introduced in 2008 in response to U.S. citizens traveling frequently between Canada, Mexico, Bermuda and Caribbean countries by land or sea travel. Unfortunately though, passport cards do not qualify for international air travel.

For eligibility of a passport card in the U.S., applicants must first be citizens and hold no criminal convictions; legal permanent residents or possess valid visas; failing this, regular U.S. passport books will suffice as proof of citizenship and identity.

As an alternative, an enhanced Driver’s License (EDL), compliant with Real ID standards and available to any U.S. citizen who meets its criteria, can be used to enter and leave the United States through land or sea ports of entry. It is valid for domestic air travel as well as entering from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean or Bermuda through land ports of entry.