Is Real ID Legal in New York?

Is Real ID Legal


Congress adopted the REAL ID Act following recommendations by the 9/11 Commission in 2005: Is Real ID Legal setting minimum security standards for state-issued driver licenses and identification cards issued by states and prohibiting federal agencies from accepting them for official purposes such as boarding domestic commercial flights or accessing military bases, most federal facilities, or nuclear power plants? According to this law, states must meet its requirements by October 1st, 2021, or face legal ramifications.

Reyna: Implementation of the REAL ID Act could have profoundly detrimental repercussions for New Yorkers. Migrant workers who do not meet New York’s residency requirements would likely lose access to driving privileges and therefore their jobs, having an adverse impact not only on them but their families as well. It would also impede public safety, as undocumented people may avoid cooperating with law enforcement due to fear of persecution from public authorities.

Identity thieves will surely appreciate that the Act requires machine-readable barcodes and databases of personal data on driver’s licenses, making their jobs much easier when it comes to accessing these cards containing sensitive data. Furthermore, classifying driver’s licenses as national identity documents threatens to further compromise privacy.

There are options available to those wishing to avoid the inconvenience and costs of obtaining a real ID, and Davis & Associates is committed to protecting individual rights regardless of immigration status. Schedule an appointment with one of our attorneys now to learn how the new requirements may affect you!