Is Real ID Still Required?

Is Real ID Still Required

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Starting in 2025, Is Real ID Still Required travelers and visitors to federal facilities will require a state driver’s license or identification card that complies with Real ID regulations to fly and gain entrance. First passed into law by Congress in 2005, Real ID establishes minimum security standards that states must meet if their drivers’ licenses and state-issued ID cards are to be accepted by the federal government.

New York State has updated its process for issuing Real ID credentials in order to comply with federal mandate. Now centrally printing all Real ID credentials, customers can obtain one when renewing or applying for one at regional offices, kiosks or online – though temporary credentials will only last 60 days before their permanent one arrives through mail delivery as part of central issuance requirement.

To qualify for a Real ID, applicants must provide evidence of both identity and lawful presence in the United States. Anyone able to demonstrate this through original or certified copies of birth certificates with raised/embossed seals, valid passports or Green Cards may qualify; individuals with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) or Temporary Protected Status also qualify.

Undocumented immigrants seeking licenses in their home states to drive for work or take their children to school and doctors’ appointments often rely on these activities as the only source of income. With Real ID’s implementation, this work could become less viable as undocumented workers would become wary to cooperate with police or safety officials due to fear of persecution.