Is There a Schengen Visa For a Foreigner?

is there a schengen visa

Is There a Schengen Visa For a Foreigner?

Are Foreigners Entitled to a Schengen Visa? Yes, foreigners may obtain a Schengen visa which enables travel throughout its 26 country area (this includes both EU members as well as non-members who have signed the Schengen Agreement) in Europe. A single or multiple entry Schengen visa may be obtained at an embassy or consulate serving your jurisdiction area and it can last either for a set number of days or indefinitely.

Visa application forms can typically be found online at an embassy or consulate website and the documents you will need depend on the type of visa and country in which it will be granted; supporting documents could vary depending on its purpose; some require at least EUR 30,000 worth of medical coverage as an emergency measure and repatriation in case of accident or death, for example.

Keep in mind that your interview must take place in person. A visa official will go over your file and test your biometrics, making it essential that all necessary documentation be ready beforehand.

As no one wants to make mistakes that could delay or even reject their visa application process, many applicants seek advice from family and friends with previous successful experiences with visa processing.