New York Driver’s License and Non-Driver ID Card

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New York Driver’s License and Non-Driver ID Card

If you are not a citizen of either the United States or Canada, but are eligible to obtain one in New York State, applying for a driver’s license can be complicated but worthwhile. A 5-hour pre-licensing course and both written and road tests must be successfully passed to be eligible for one; your previous foreign driver’s license will be destroyed at the conclusion of this process. For travel abroad consider getting an International Driving Permit (IDP).

An IDP is valid in 174 countries and should be used instead of your US driver’s license when travelling by car. You can obtain one at AAA branches or through the mail; usually this takes 10-15 business days to process.

Why Is Migration So Difficult? One of the primary challenges migrants encounter upon returning to their home countries is language barriers; without speaking their native tongue with family, workmates, or neighbors it becomes hard for them to participate in social life and feel like part of society. Due to discrimination or an understanding gap resulting in lack of opportunities in new countries called ‘brain waste’ this talent goes unused within new home environments.

New York City has taken steps to address some of these challenges. In 2022, it became the first state to grant standard driver’s licenses regardless of immigration status; to qualify for one not for federal purposes driver’s licenses or learner permits however, you must provide 6 points worth of identification and residency proof; your IDNYC card counts as one such point.