Requirements to Get Drivers License in Florida

Requirements to Get Drivers License in Florida

Florida drivers license and ID card applications require you to meet several specific criteria in order to become licensed drivers. No matter if this is your first driving experience or an experienced one in a new state, all drivers must fulfill these requirements for taking their road test and receiving their new drivers license or ID card.

Apply for a Learner’s License All drivers under 18 must first obtain a learner’s license as part of the Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) program. This stage enables unsupervised but restricted driving until reaching 18.

Step Two – Retain an Intermediate License for at least a year without accidents or convictions and take and pass the driving test.

Third Step – Accumulate 50 hours of supervised driving experience, with 10 hours at night.

Fourth Step – Enroll in driver’s education courses either in-person or online.

Fifth Step – Pass a knowledge exam on Florida traffic laws and safe driving practices.

Sixth Step – Successfully complete a skills test designed to evaluate your ability to operate a vehicle under various situations.

Step 7 – Pass a vision test to ensure that your eyesight meets Florida state regulations for operating motor vehicles safely.

8. Step 8 – Acquire additional endorsements if you plan to drive certain types of vehicles, such as two or three-wheel motorcycles.

HB 1639/SB 866 would enable South Florida immigrants who are involved in immigration or deportation proceedings to apply for a Florida Driver’s License or Identification Card and make it much simpler for them to access employment, open bank accounts and pay their taxes.