The Best Drivers License Scanners For Foreigners

best drivers license scanners

The Best Drivers License Scanners For Foreigners

Foreigners in need of drivers license scanners need them in order to verify age, navigate their environment, and perform work. Since the US is home to millions of immigrants who drive without being licensed or insured; many are caught and sent back home, while others must wait until they can afford a car and license in order to drive legally and obtain one themselves. Denying people access to driver’s licenses would harm not only individual lives but also communities and the nation as a whole.

Machine-readable scanners are far superior to OCR scanners when it comes to combatting fake IDs, due to the almost instantaneous scan time for ID cards with machine readable technology compared to 5 second OCR scans that process barcode and magnetic stripe data.

The Desko Penta scanner is a portable, rugged and user-friendly device capable of detecting any form of ID card worldwide. With its small footprint and USB power source, this scanner doesn’t need an electrical socket – plus its scanning functionality enables multiple field identification as well as searching existing records to reduce duplicate ID entries caused by typos, common names or errors.

BadgePass SmartReg scanner can quickly enroll users into any system by simply scanning a state-issued driver’s license, drastically reducing manual typing requirements and errors, as well as shortening enrollment time by up to 20 times.