The Best Passports to Buy

best passports to buy

The Best Passports to Buy

If you are an immigrant looking to improve their global travel freedom, Malta’s passport by investment program provides visa-free entry into 183 countries for just a total cost of EUR 150,000 plus purchasing real estate or other approved financial instruments – considerably lower than Denmark or Austrian citizenship which both impose strict residency requirements.

Henley Passport Index (HPI) ranks 199 national passports according to their ability to grant citizens visa-free or near visa-free travel worldwide. Of all 199 passports assessed, three stand out as having strong international standing: UAE is currently on top followed by Germany and Singapore; its position has strengthened due to no income taxes, increasing international visibility and one of few passports that allows holders to reside and work overseas.

An HPI’s ranking can be affected by its global engagement, economic development and security situation. Russia’s poor showing was in large part fueled by their military aggression against Ukraine as well as their refusal to allow Ukrainians free travel across their controlled territory.

Vanuatu’s CBI program is one of the cheapest available, making it an attractive choice for buyers seeking Caribbean travel benefits at a reasonable cost. Conversely, Dominica has earned itself a reputation as being less transparent – possibly not appealing as much to buyers than Vanuatu and Grenada options.