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Are You an Italian American Dual Citizen or Have Recently Acquired Italian Citizenship through Descent, The Italian Passport Agency Marriage or Naturalisation? If this describes your situation then obtaining an Italian Passport may be of interest. Unfortunately this process can be time consuming with many steps and requirements necessary in order to obtain one – including providing all documents requested and satisfying any residency requirements set.

An Italian passport opens doors to many countries and regions around the globe and is an invaluable asset when seeking employment or education opportunities within Europe. Furthermore, it offers its holders access to 174 visa-on-arrival and visa-free countries around the globe.

To apply for an Italian passport online, one must first be fully registered with AIRE (Registry of Italian Citizens Living Abroad). Once this process has been completed and verified, an appointment can be booked with your nearest Consulate and two USPS money orders sent directly from Italy (one for administrative tax and the other for passport fee), along with passport photos submitted for your submission.

Passport processing times depend on both the consulate and volume of applications received, so the best way to avoid delays is to plan ahead by booking an appointment at least six months in advance of your trip. Furthermore, renewing an Italian passport six months in advance could prevent travel issues in an emergency situation.