Travel and Health Insurance For Schengen Visa – Important Things to Consider

travel and health insurance for schengen visa

Travel and Health Insurance For Schengen Visa – Important Things to Consider

The Schengen visa application process can be time consuming and complex, requiring foreigners to possess necessary documentation and proof of insurance in order to gain admission. Here we discuss some important things you should keep in mind regarding travel and health insurance when applying for Schengen visas in order to save time, money and stress while planning their journeys abroad.

The European Union requires travelers visiting Schengen areas to have travel and health insurance for visa purposes because the European Commission aims to guarantee they can cover any medical treatment that might become necessary while traveling in this region. This may include expenses related to repatriation for medical purposes, urgent hospital care or even death – providing sufficient protection during their journey. An adequate travel/health policy must provide enough coverage during its duration as well.

Purchase of a travel insurance policy can help meet embassy visa requirements. Such policies typically feature higher maximum coverage limits as well as emergency assistance services that provide medical attention or repatriation or even arrange visits from loved ones when needed.

Before purchasing a visa-specific travel insurance policy, however, it’s wise to first see which credit cards offer protections that could provide coverage without incurring additional expenses. Furthermore, be sure to inquire as to the minimum coverage limits so as to ensure adequate protection during your journey.