Use Passport to Get Real ID

Use Passport to Get Real ID

Accessing Real ID Is Difficult

Under federal legislation passed in 2005, new or renewed driver’s licenses and ID cards must meet higher security standards when issued or renewed, making it harder for domestic flights and secure federal facilities to board without valid credentials that meet this criteria. This law could soon make Real ID impossible.

Till May 7, 2025, your current Driver License or Non-Driver Identification Card can be used to board flights and enter secure federal buildings and military bases. From that date forward, however, REAL ID-compliant Driver Licenses or Non-Driver Identification Cards with an iconic star mark in their upper right corners will become necessary for travel or access.

Are You Eligible for a REAL ID Now

Here is all of the information necessary in acquiring one:

What Is REAL ID? The new REAL ID legislation violates the Tenth Amendment’s federalism principles by “commandeering” states into regulating immigration and infringing upon their jurisdiction, having an adverse impact on undocumented immigrants who could find themselves being denied driver’s licenses or other forms of identification due to criteria unrelated to their legal status.

What Documents Am I Requiring to Acquire a REAL ID? The documents required to obtain a Real ID may differ depending on your state. For the latest details on which ones apply to you, visit your state’s DMV website.