Veterans Health Identification Card Real ID

veteran health identification card real id

Veterans Health Identification Card Real ID

Veterans Health Identification Card Real Id is an official form of government ID that contains multiple security features to make it difficult to falsify, making verification easy. Such cards are required when engaging in government-related activities like flying domestically and entering certain government buildings.

This new card, similar to state driver’s licenses, contains information such as photo and branch of service of its bearer; unique member identifier; eligibility for specific benefits like service-connected disability, POW status or Purple Heart recipient eligibility; it does not contain Social Security Numbers, dates of birth or any confidential personal data as its purpose is simply identification when checking into VA appointments and for base access under new programs that broadened access for disabled veterans for commissaries, military service exchange and MWR access.

Your veteran health identification card real id can be obtained by visiting a DMV office, paying the standard replacement fee, and adding the VETERAN designation to your existing driver’s license or ID card. This option is open to honorably discharged US military veterans who were active duty soldiers or National Guard/Reserve members who received either an honorable, general, or other than dishonorable discharge.

The process for applying for REAL IDs at the DMV is fairly straightforward and you’ll receive a temporary, secure paper DL/ID while your paperwork is processed. When applying, you will need to present documentation establishing your legal name, date of birth, residential address, Social Security number (or evidence that you don’t qualify), citizenship status or lawful permanent residency status; proof of U.S citizenship/lawful permanent resident status may also be needed as evidence against an application being denied if this evidence had already been presented for another DMV application process – although if this already occurred during its processing timeframe; otherwise all will need to repeat at this stage!