What Can You Use Your Real ID For?

what can you use your real id for

What Can You Use Your Real ID For?

What can You Use Your Real ID For

For immigrants recently granted legal status, answering this question may prove more challenging than most would anticipate. Driver’s licenses or state ID cards are required in order to access certain services and benefits; by 2020 if traveling on airplanes or entering federal facilities is desired, REAL ID or another form of acceptable identification may also be needed as proof.

Real ID Act was passed as part of post-9/11 legislation and requires minimum security standards to be applied when issuing state driver’s licenses, permits, and ID cards. Federal agencies like TSA will only accept Real IDs or a U.S. passport as valid identification when travelling by air or entering certain facilities such as military bases.

In some states, this has caused panic among thousands of hardworking immigrants who cannot meet the stringent documentation requirements and thus cannot obtain a Real ID, leaving them without valid documents to travel domestically on airlines and access federal facilities.

New York offers several options for those seeking real ID documents, though obtaining one may not be straightforward. Name change documents issued by courts, government agencies or notaries publics (like marriage certificates filed with county clerks, divorce decrees or court orders) must also be presented. Standard New York State license and ID cards may be upgraded into Real ID documents that only can be used locally unless marked “Not for Federal Purposes.”