What is the Real ID Card For a Foreigner?

what is the real id card

What is the Real ID Card For a Foreigner?

What is a REAL ID card for foreigners?

Starting October 2020, federal authorities will require residents who wish to fly domestically possess either a REAL ID or passport as identification; those without compliant IDs may incur an extra cost for official government-issued photo ID documents.

After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Congress passed the REAL ID Act to set minimum standards for state drivers licenses and ID cards issued within the US. Under this law, federal agencies cannot accept for certain purposes any state ID that does not meet these new standards – for instance entering secured federal facilities or boarding domestic flights within America.

Many states and territories complied with the law regarding REAL IDs; however, nine do not. Residents from these nine states who wish to travel or work within the US without a passport will need to visit their DMV office and apply for one using certain documents that provide proof of identity, legal presence and state residency.

Migrant workers face an enormous difficulty: without driving privilege cards, they will no longer be able to use their primary mode of transport and make money, leaving them no option but to depend on buses as the primary form of transportation and profit making platform. They will be less likely to cooperate with police and safety officials due to fear of reprisals against themselves and potentially risk deportation or arrest themselves as a result.