What is There a Schengen Visa Interview?

What is There a Schengen Visa Interview?

An interview for a Schengen visa isn’t your traditional meeting where you provide supporting documents to apply for one; rather, it involves meeting with the representative from a diplomatic office to discuss your trip and determine whether you qualify as a potential recipient of one.

An interview for a Schengen visa involves more than just being quizzed by an immigration officer – it also requires your honesty and sincerity when answering their queries. This step in the process enables the embassy to gauge your ties to home country, your financial standing and more.

This question’s primary goal is to establish that you do not intend to migrate unlawfully into a Schengen country in order to find employment or work without appropriate permits. By answering truthfully and without hesitation, the embassy will find it easier to verify that you are not an undocumented immigrant.

Additionally, this question allows the embassy to see whether any family or friends live within the Schengen area; if so, an official may require you to create a list early enough before your interview date.

This question allows the embassy to assess whether you have any family or friends involved in recent terrorist activity, and if so may view you as someone unwilling to stand against such devious activities and individuals.