Where Can I Buy a Passport Book?

where can i buy a passport book

Where Can I Buy a Passport Book?

Where Can I Purchase a Passport Book

A passport book is an official document issued by the government which grants its owner permission to travel internationally. As it provides proof of citizenship and identity, record keeping purposes, emergency access services access embassy services when needed etc… To obtain one there are a few requirements such as birth certificate or Consular Report of Birth Abroad form abroad as proof of citizenship with at least full validity U.S. Passport Book or Card and being 16 years old as minimum requirement to qualify.

To be eligible to apply for a passport, applicants must submit an Application Form DS-11 completed by two photographs meeting requirements set forth by the Department of State and pay both processing and execution fees for their passport application.

The application process usually takes an average of 10 weeks; however, wait times can extend further depending on several factors. Common causes for delays include incomplete or missing information and lack of documentation, and late submission of documents to the Department of State.

In 2008, the Passport Card was created for border residents who regularly travel between Canada, Mexico, Bermuda and Caribbean countries by land or sea. Although not suitable for international air travel, the passport card offers cost savings over traditional passport books.