Where Can I Buy an Australian Passport Near Me?

buy australian passport near me

Where Can I Buy an Australian Passport Near Me?

As a foreigner, entering or exiting Australia could prove challenging due to its own entry requirements. You should contact both the Australian Government for details as well as your transport provider in order to confirm if your passport still meets this minimum minimum validity threshold.

Apply for your new Australian passport at any participating Post Office, Embassy or Consulate overseas, where the Australian Government charges an application fee depending on what kind of passport is needed. At these locations you can also renew or update your existing one.

Australian citizens, both dual citizens, and all visa holders (such as people on bridging visas ) must hold a valid passport in order to travel internationally. Furthermore, you must also possess a local driver’s licence that matches up with what appears in your passport.

After 6 July 2022, travellers to and from Australia no longer require filling out either a Digital Passenger Declaration or Maritime Travel Declaration when arriving by air or sea. You must still have proof of vaccination against COVID-19 virus through either an International COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate or letter from your doctor; each state and territory also imposes its own requirements regarding health certificates, visas or vaccination requirements in order to enter.