Where to Buy a Passport Photo in NYC

Where to Buy a Passport Photo in NYC

Making passport photo arrangements doesn’t need to be difficult or costly; there are plenty of places that offer in-person and online photo services at no or minimal costs.

Professional Photography Studios

When searching for an appropriate place to get your passport photo taken, visiting a reputable photography studio may be your best bet. Their staff will ensure your photo is taken correctly while also offering photo-quality prints if required.

Big Box Stores

If your budget does not allow for professional photography studio services, alternative options include department stores like J.C. Penny, Wal-Mart or Target which offer passport photo services and may have drop off locations where you can pick it up later on.

Drugstores and Post Offices

New York City boasts many drug stores that provide passport photo services without an appointment; most cost approximately $15 for this service and can often be found near train stations or busy areas in the city.

Photo Booths in New York City for Passport Photos

A popular way of taking passport photos in New York City is using photo booths; they are convenient, cost-effective and offer multiple photos at once.

Be sure to read up on all of the rules and requirements for passport photos at each place, as some locations have stringent standards regarding acceptable images. Following their requirements will increase your chance of having it accepted more readily.