Where to Buy Military ID Card

Buy Military ID Card

Where to Buy Military ID Card

Military IDs play an invaluable role in the United States Armed Forces. The Common Access Card, Buy Military ID Card commonly known as CAC, has become the go-to ID among personnel and retirees for daily tasks ranging from flight manifest tracking and weapon issuance to flight manifest tracking and equipment inventory control.

An ID card not only confirms an individual’s identity, but also grants access to services and privileges such as commissary exchange and morale, welfare, and recreation programs. Military members, dependents, and retirees can obtain their DOD Uniform Service ID (USID) by visiting their base personnel office or using the RAPIDS Appointment Scheduler to locate an ID card issuing site.

Based on the type of card and holder, USID will contain different information for individuals; for instance, sponsor affiliation, rank, pay grade, and service history may all be displayed on a USID card. A general guideline would be to make sure the card has not been altered or damaged; some wear and tear is normal but parts should not be missing or unreadable.

This document can be presented to TSA agents as proof of eligibility for airline travel or used to prove a veteran’s service for certain state benefit programs.