Where to Buy Passport Photos

buy passport photos

Where to Buy Passport Photos

Foreigners may find it challenging to purchase passport photos due to US State Department standards being so stringent. Photos must meet exactly these dimensions with white backgrounds, with heads being centered between 1 inch (25 mm) from the bottom of frame.

Visit a store that specializes in passport photo services to make the process as simple and quick as possible. Their photographers should understand all of the requirements, and will ensure that your pictures meet these. In addition, many offer online preparation of images if your passport photos need to be submitted via email.

Your own photographs can also be taken using a high-image-quality digital camera and printer capable of printing the correct format. However, it is essential that you fully understand the requirements before beginning. Eyes must be open and clear without glare from glasses reflecting back onto them, head coverings are forbidden unless worn for religious or medical purposes, etc.

Photos should also be taken against a light-colored backdrop, with sharp images. Otherwise, they won’t be accepted by employers.