Where to Buy Real Passport Online

Where to Buy Real Passport Online

Purchase of a passport can range between two and eight dollars, depending on its size and delivery method; however, post office fees must also be factored into this. Registration of cars requires additional costs as do international customer fees charged by them.

Once considered a symbol of liberty, passports have now become tools of financial oppression. Even just a modest investment can make someone disappear — as many wealthy investors are doing.

Henley & Partners is leading this trend through their citizenship and residency group which assists clients in acquiring second passports. Over three years they have doubled both staffing levels and clientele numbers and now employ nine specialists in passport acquisition.

Numerous countries across Europe and the Caribbean provide citizenship by investment programs, where an applicant makes an investment into the country in exchange for citizenship and passport. Investment options can range from donations to charitable funds or purchasing pre-approved real estate properties.

Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, Malta and Cyprus in the Caribbean; Portugal’s Golden Visa program in Europe are among the most sought-after options, yet demand exceeds supply by far.