Where to Get Passport Pictures Near Me

Where to Get Passport Pictures Near Me

Are You Searching for Passport Pictures Near Me? There are several places near you offering passport photos: pharmacies, retail stores, membership warehouses, shipping stores and post offices can provide decent pictures at reasonable rates.

CVS and Walgreens provide passport photo services at competitively-priced in-store and online services at their pharmacy locations, while many Target and Walmart stores also have this option available to them.

FedEx Office Print and Ship Services and UPS offer comparable services at significantly reduced costs compared to drugstores, making these the cheapest places where professional photos that meet State Department standards can be acquired.

Sammy’s Photo Lab on 27 Essex Street offers another cash-only option for purchasing 2 passport photos for under $10. This Lower Manhattan mom n’ pop store stands out among competitors by accepting cash only payments and providing excellent service.

An ideal photo should include your entire face from crown of head to tip of chin and show that eye level lines up with hairline. Taken against a plain white background.

Your passport or visa photos can be taken using any digital camera; however, Kodek paper should be printed out and adhere to State Department quality requirements for passport and visa photos. Having high image quality can make all the difference when applying for your passport or visa.

Saving money by opting for standard size photos instead of document size ones can save a great deal. By doing so, you get two identical passport-sized pictures at a fraction of the cost and can reuse them when applying for other documents in the future.