Which Countries Need a Visa for Bulgaria?

Which Countries Need a Visa for Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is one of the main migration routes into Europe, but increasingly illegal migrants use it illegally. Due to this phenomenon, other EU nations have put pressure on Bulgaria to limit illegal migration.

Bulgaria is facing an acute migrant crisis that they are doing their best to combat. Extra measures have been implemented by their government in order to ensure those crossing into Bulgaria from other countries are properly treated and any crimes against them are prosecuted accordingly.

Visa Requirements for Bulgaria

Bulgaria has a comprehensive visa policy which outlines which types of visas may be issued to various nationalities, and how these will be processed. Your need for a visa depends upon your specific circumstances so it is recommended to contact Bulgaria’s embassy to determine which type of visa would best meet them.

How to Apply for a Bulgarian Visa

In order to submit your visa application in person at one of Bulgaria’s embassies or consulates in your home country, as they provide information about application processes and requirements either via their website or directly.

What You Should Bring

No matter your nationality, all travellers must possess a valid passport. In addition, return tickets should also be purchased as well as enough cash to cover their stay.

Travel Insurance for Bulgaria

It is highly advised that you purchase travel insurance before arriving in Bulgaria, as you will undoubtedly require it during your visit. In addition, it would be prudent to carry with you copies of all relevant documentation pertaining to your plans, such as itinerary details and emergency contact numbers or medical insurance documentation.