Who Needs Visa For Bulgaria?

who needs visa for bulgaria

Who Needs Visa For Bulgaria?

Bulgaria draws travelers with its beautiful beaches, archaeological and historical sites, and majestic cathedrals. Although not an exotic country, Bulgaria still remains popular due to its affordable prices and relatively easy visa process – we will discuss who needs a visa for Bulgaria in this article.

Bulgaria offers some nationalities a visa-free stay of up to 90 days, which does not allow them to work but rather can be used for tourism or short visits with friends and family.

Those traveling to Bulgaria for business or cultural exchange must provide an invitation declaration from the company or institution you plan on visiting as well as proof of travel expenses and a medical certificate that allows entry.

As well as these documents, a valid passport issued within the last ten years with at least six months’ remaining validity may also be needed, depending on your nationality. You should also possess proof of health insurance as well as adequate funds for your stay.

For longer stays, a short-term residence permit (type C), usually issued to students, long-term business travellers and holders of work visas, will likely be sufficient. For stays exceeding six months however, you will require visa D which typically grants investors or those possessing substantial financial resources (personal interviews required for this visa application process).