Why Is It So Difficult for a Migrant to Get a Military ID Card Maker?

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Why Is It So Difficult for a Migrant to Get a Military ID Card Maker?

Why Is it Difficult for Migrants to Access Military ID Card Makers?

In an effort to modernize its identity management systems, the Department of Defense (DoD) has introduced smart identity cards as part of an initiative called Identity Modernization Program. These cards allow staff members of DoD agencies to complete complex forms with one swipe of their finger, helping reduce manual tasks by up to 90% and save paper waste while providing security measures against data breaching and protecting sensitive information.

Thales’s military CAC card, used by 8 million active duty and reserve personnel worldwide, serves as a digital ID. Each CAC can be customized according to which component/Command it supports, making them usable for multiple functions.

DoD’s CAC program has led digital security for the federal government with an exceptionally high level of protection for sensitive and private information. Furthermore, this has enabled DoD to streamline manual tasks that previously took hours of work – such as flight manifest tracking, weapon issuance and deployment processing – by automating some functions for easier management and faster processing.

Though ICE has yet to approve issuing cards to migrants, such cards could prove beneficial in encouraging those without legal status to remain nearer their locations and check-in more often with authorities in order to avoid arrest or deportation. They would also enable undocumented immigrants more easily travel by air and take advantage of state benefits programs.