Why Would a Migrant Buy a Car Without a Driver License?

Why Would a Migrant Buy a Car Without a Driver License?

An immigrant could purchase a vehicle without first holding a driver license for various reasons, including health or safety considerations; they might be caring for elderly family members without driving needs; or they could simply be buying it as a gift for someone else.

Migrants typically find the car-buying process straightforward, though financing it may prove challenging. Lenders may be wary of lending money to someone with no driving history – making the application for financing even less likely than otherwise.

Migrants could face complications when purchasing vehicle insurance policies for their vehicles. Most insurers require drivers with licenses be listed as the primary drivers; without one themselves, migrants would need to list either their spouse or another licensed individual as primary drivers in order to secure coverage for their vehicle.

Migrants may find it challenging to register their vehicle without a license; however, this is still possible in most states; however, registering the car will require sharing ownership with a partner or family member who must register the car and provide proof of insurance before driving on public roads.

Migrants should carefully research car insurance policies available to them in order to get the optimal coverage. While some companies provide coverage even without a license, such policies tend to be costly and have restrictions.