Why You Shouldn’t Buy Fake Drivers Licenses Online

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Why You Shouldn’t Buy Fake Drivers Licenses Online

At one time, people used fake drivers’ licenses to obtain alcohol and gain entrance to age-restricted clubs and events. Today, their primary use is identity theft – using stolen personal information stolen can rack up credit card charges, apply for loans with fraudulent terms and file false tax returns – with Michigan being estimated as sixth in terms of identity thefts nationwide.

With modern computers and color printers, creating convincing fake IDs has never been simpler – some even make a living by providing them. A quick online search reveals templates of state driver’s licenses and other government documents; additional software that reproduces bar codes or duplicates another person’s driver’s license number using a system known as Soundex can even do the trick.

How can you determine whether an ID is fake? One method of doing so is checking its expiration date or for signs of tampering, while holograms on state-issued IDs typically reflect light; fake holograms will likely appear dim or flicker in contrast.

Beating fake ID charges can result in serious fines and jail time, with those found guilty facing probation terms including regularly reporting to their probation officer and not associating with known criminals. Failing to abide by these terms may result in either extended probationary periods or additional jail sentences being handed out by judges.